Magic and Goldfire

Silver Silver pressed her palms against earth frozen by the sudden chill of late winter that had come during the night. She inhaled deeply, picturing the rich soil below the crust of crystalized ice. In the distance, sunlight bled crimson through the spaces between mountain tops, illuminating the snow patched farmland where she worked. She... Continue Reading →

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Magic and Goldfire: Incense and Ruminations

Photo by Nihal Demirci on Unsplash Silver The knight was standing before the statue of Maura, lost in thought. The statue was much different from the one above the temple door, depicting the goddess in her guise as the guardian of fate, Bev as she appeared sometimes in the old stories. Carved from obsidian, her... Continue Reading →


Based on the Scottish legend. The sea moans and hisses as it vomits water onto the shore of the lonely isle, a wasteland of salt and slippery green rock. Nobody knows the great horror that lies in the shallows, and only the gulls and oysters are there to watch him ascend. The great, skinless beast,... Continue Reading →

The Watcher of Souls

Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash The demon’s confusion over having been summoned by one of the guardians of the realm slowly transformed into a smile. The hero forced himself not to look away from the too-many sharp teeth, and the thin mouth stretched over angular bone. He’d fought hundreds of lesser demons in his day, but this... Continue Reading →

Vampire Detective

She’d been working for the department for nearly three years now, and still failed to receive promotion. In the beginning she’d diligently taken on every task and assignment with enthusiasm; she was the youngest member of her graduating class to be awarded her flight clearance within days of graduating from Crimson Blood Academy. Her test... Continue Reading →

There Will Be Days

There will be days You’ll fly along the surface Step after step Up the dark path with confidence The shadows won’t touch you Because you are the light There will be days You’ll stroll through high grass No darkness here Only sunshine bright and true And the perfection Of the warmth on your face There... Continue Reading →

In Good Company (Excerpt)

They end up keeping me in solitary for 2 weeks, due to a shortage of beds. The girl living in my new room was released later than expected, because she had not yet reached the minimum body weight that was required in her terms of release. How she managed to gain enough in only a... Continue Reading →

Solitary (Excerpt)

One of the caveats of my plea was that for the first week of my inpatient treatment, I would be restricted to solitary. I had a basic idea what this meant—I’d attended a lecture during Sophomore year about behavioral management strategies in prison, and we spent a decent amount of time discussing the dubious ethics... Continue Reading →

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